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Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications assist professionals and students with building credibility and certainty by validating their cloud skill mastery with an industry-perceived credential. Organizations identify such gifted professionals to lead cloud activities utilizing AWS. They offer job-based certifications for professionals to validate their expertise as Cloud Practitioner, Architect or Developer. In addition, Specialty certifications are available to prove advanced abilities in explicitly specialized domains.

Since the world is trying its best to fight and cope up with the Coronavirus pandemic, AWS is playing its part to make things more flexible for test takers. Their latest announcement aims to ensure that test takers get enough opportunities to continue learning and growing. AWS has declared additional help for those affected by exam terminations as a result of COVID-19. You will now be able to take any AWS certification exam from your home or office with the help of internet connectivity and online proctoring. There is even extra help in extending certification expiration dates, test retirements dates and voucher expiration dates as well.


The key benefits that test takers are going to have include flexibility and the access to remote features that AWS has to offer. AWS is also offering the extension of voucher expiration dates in case users require additional time to complete their certification process. This is incredible news for any individual who has worked hard to prepare for their AWS certification exam just to find out that the test-taking centers are shut down for the period. The capacity to take an AWS exam with internet connectivity has recently been reserved uniquely for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Bottom Line

The world is facing quite a tough time overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic right now. The majority of the countries that are affected by Coronavirus are moving to a lockdown solution within their countries to nullify the effect of the pandemic. AWS has done an incredible job of providing a viable remedy for test takers to ensure the continuity of quality education while pursuing their career goals. For more information, click here.

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